CSTA Chapter News

CSTA is pleased to offer scholarships to support teachers who could not otherwise attend the CSTA Conference due to funding limitations. Thanks to the generous support of our partners, we are able to offer financial support to cover conference registration fee, three nights in a hotel, and/or airfare, train, or mileage reimbursement (up to $500).

It's hard to believe that summer has come and gone. Now is the time to welcome the new school year and our new members.  We would like to take the time re-introduce ourselves!

CodeVA is a non-profit that partners with schools, parents, and communities to bring equitable computer science education to all of Virginia's students.

We're adding something new!

  Code VA's Teacher Training department is adding a new course offering for Middle School classroom teachers and other education professionals interested in better integrating computer science in the middle school classroom. This new training focuses on computer science content knowledge and the practical experience needed to implement the new standards. 

We will also take a closer look at unpacking the VA Computer Science Standards and explore core curricular integration opportunities. Attendees will walk away with free (yes, really free!) curricular resources, unplugged and plugged activities and strategies for integration. Learn more about the session here.

We're hosting a pilot session in Harrisonburg, VA from 9am-4pm at Harrisonburg High School on March 21st, 2020. If you're interested in being one of the first to join us for this new program, click the button below to register!


(Not able to join us in Harrisonburg for the pilot session? 

Don't worry, our Summer 2020 offerings are coming soon!!)

Computer Science in your Neighborhood Student Competition - Open until December 20, 2019
For CS Education Week (Dec 9 - 13) CodeVA, in partnership with the VDOE and the Science Museum of Virginia is hosting a Computer Science in your Neighborhood student competition. 
To enter the competition, students may submit digital artifacts - images, videos, programs through this link or email to CSinyourNeighborhood@gmail.com
This year's prompts are:
  • What does computer science mean to you?
  • Tell us about someone in your family or neighborhood who uses computer science every day? How do they use it?
  • How do you use computer science in your daily life?
  • How does your family or your community use computer science?
  • If you couldn't use computers for a day, what would change in your life?
  • How can you use computer science to solve a problem within your community or your neighborhood? (Identify the problem and the process you would use to solve the problem)* High school only
Add your name to the Digital Dominion and help us put Computer Science on the Map!

Code Virginia, and our friends at both COLAB and CapTech, have put together a map of the Digital Dominion just in time for CS Ed Week! Add your name, your student's name, or your classroom's name to the map to show that you teach, support, or use Computer Science at any time throughout the year. You can access the map on our CS Ed Week Launch Event page or by visiting digitaldominion.codevirginia.org!


We'll see you on the map soon!

CodeVA is offering two different Google CS First Professional Development Opportunities Fall 2019


Getting Started with Google CS First - In this hands-on professional development workshop, teachers will learn how to use CS First, Google’s free ready-to-teach introductory computer science (CS) curriculum for elementary and middle school students.

Google CS First Subject Integration - In this hands-on three hour professional development workshop, teachers will consider ways to integrate computer science into various subjects using CS First. The workshop is tailored for teachers with a basic understanding of the CS First curriculum and will explore integration approaches for English Language Arts (ELA), Math, and Science.


Visit CodeVA's site for more details, dates, and to register.